The Next Step



Peter Nunes d'Agrella Sensei

Starting at the age of 10 with judo, followed by karate, pencak silat, boxing and kung fu, I was quite adept in the martial arts at the age of 20. I invented my first own system, based upon all things learned from the different teachings, and used it wisely in my daily walk through life. At the age of 30 I was introduced to the noble art of Aikido.

Intrigued at first sight, I trained with the Aikikai Amsterdam for a while, then received personal instruction and training from Ian Onvlee Sensei, one of the first aikidokas in The Netherlands. To whom I am grateful for giving me a detailed understanding of the basics of Aikido. With vigor I studied the Aikikai Aikido system, and tried to complement it with Muay Boran, Pencak Silat, Chin Na and Nei Kung. For the next 5 years this was the focus.

One day, a sportschool owner asked me to give an Aikido demonstration. Rather nervously, I asked assistance of a friend, and we gave it our best. We did so well, that I was asked to form an Aikido class at the sportschool. A few months later we were with plenty students and new ones waiting to join. It was a good time.

During this period, I was able to test my skills with teachers in all martial art styles. I was seriously confronted with many strengths and weaknesses of 'my' Aikido. The next step was to adapt the system to alleviate any weaknesses, and obtain optimal effectivity. For the next 4 years I experimented and trained in my Amsterdam dojo with many students and fellow teachers skilled in Kyokushin karate, Seidokan karate, Wado karate, Taekwondo and Nunchaku. Aikido slowly turned into an Aiki-jutsu style system (Aiki-jutsu-do) that proved effective against all mentioned fighting styles.

I was then introduced to the Takeda-ryu Nakamura-Ha of Soke Nakamura and was given the opportunity to train for black belt from the start with the intent to obtain a teacher's diploma as soon as possible. There I learned good basics, strong techniques, and was able to compile a mountain of new ideas. I attended seminars and I learned a lot from my training sessions with Branimir Tudan, the sole representative of Takeda-ryu for The Netherlands at the time. He was to prepare me for the exam and in 6 months he taught me all the techniques needed for a black belt and a teacher's diploma. In the dojo, I was now focusing on the Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu techniques (a bit combined with my Aiki-jutsu-do system which most of my students knew well) and trained 3 to 4 times a week (sometimes more).

At a certain point, I decided to take what I learned and proceed to the next step.

Aiki-jutsu-do became the official name of that next step. By combining the strong aspects of Aikido, Takeda-ryu Aiki-no-jutsu and all things gathered from other martial arts, the Aiki-jutsu-do system became a very complete system. Flexible, alert, dynamic, and above all realistic and effective in nature.

The techniques of Aiki-jutsu-do

For the first time in history, will you learn the techniques logically divided into its many parts. The final result will be a truly remarkable martial art collection useful for any martial artist at any level. I wish you lots of enjoyment from the study and the practice of techniques learned here.

Aiki-jutsu-do: The way ('do') of the art ('jutsu') of the harmony of ki ('Aiki')

Peter Nunes d'Agrella Sensei
Founder Aiki-jutsu-do